Naras is the major partnership of the important players in the Turkish

agricultural sector operating in the international market. These

companies, which are pioneers, manufacturers and exporters in the

sector, created the NARAS brand which aims a visionary initiative in

the world agricultural market.


Naras calls for winning together with its stakeholders, from

producer-partners to farmers and even consumers, as well as leading

agri-technology and sustainable growth.


Collaboration and coworking with all the stakeholders is a must

for sustainability. Naras thus aims to create a strong chain of values

throughout all its stakeholders. Naras, demonstrating its determination

and dedication to quality and innovation through its valuable

partnership, aims to become a universal brand based on its heritage,

strong capital structure, its wide experience and know-how.


Naras, with the human resources provided by its partners and its high experience, has the desire to create at least one distributor in every country


Naras transfers the subjects in which it is specialized to those who are waiting for a solution in the shortest possible way.


Naras has the principle of delivering all requested products and services to its end users in the most accurate and fastest way.